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About Me

I am a Spiritual Wayfinder: I'm a Life Coach. I'm a change-agent. I lead others to the answers already within them, so they may awaken from the trance of disempowered thinking.

I work with individuals and groups. In person, or online, to

  • overcome problems
  • heal from heartbreak
  • gain clarity and purpose
  • change habitual thoughts and behaviors
  • stop unwanted thoughts, worries, or fears

I train people to use self-hypnosis for personal mastery.

I conduct free introductory training onsite for organizations.

I train those in the helping professions to use my methods tailored for their professions.

I teach and certify hypnotists for the National Guild of Hypnotists.

All help is self-help. All healing comes from within.

All change is proportional to your commitment.

I support the shift and transformation that happens when you 'come to yourself' and remember who you are. 

My wayfinding modalities include

Deep coaching

Heart-to-heart hypnosis


Grief Recovery Method(R)

Shamanic journeys

Spiritual support

and wisdom from books I love and from those I have have written.

My methods respect any and all belief systems. I encourage you to connect to your higher power, however you define it and however you choose, be it prayer, meditation or positive thinking. 

I mostly conduct sessions remotely over Google Meet video conferencing so I can assist you wherever you are.

Start by booking your free introduction call.



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Onsite Group Training and Support

Schedule a Call to discuss what is right for your group.

I teach self-optimizing strategies geared for your organization.

  • Stress management
  • Tapping into creative mindsets
  • Intuitive decision making
  • Emotional Intelligence

I teach self-hypnosis for pain-control and self-care.

I teach conversational hypnosis to healthcare professionals, pain management clinicians, therapists, teachers, first responders, counselors, coaches, caregivers... and you!

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Certifications and Memberships

    • Certified Hypnosis Trainer

    • National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) certification to teach the NGH 100 hour course. Book a free call if you would like to learn how to be a certified Consulting Hypnotist.

  • Grief Recovery Method Advanced Specialist

  • The Grief Recovery Institute

  • Pain Management with Hypnosis PDIS

  • American School of Clinical Hypnosis

  • End of Life Coach

  • Boulder Institute of Conscious Dying

  • Consulting Hypnotist

  • National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Awaken, Empower, Thrive 

  • Shamanic Practitioner

  • Member: Four Winds Society

    Member: Foundation for Shamanic Studies

  • HeartMath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety and Self-Regulation

  • HeartMath LLC

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Book a New Client Session ($160)
Book a Returning Client Session ($80)


Please reach out. I help people when everything else has failed.

Books by Dana Reynolds

Chronic Comfort book cover

Chronic Comfort

A book of practical skills, hypnotic parables, and inspiration for those who suffer chronic pain. This is a map through the obstacle of pain. It is not a route around it. There are no fly-overs or shortcuts. This book takes you right into the heart of it. And at the heart of pain, believe it or not, is comfort.

This is the second revised edition. Available in three formats: paperback, large print, and on Kindle.

View on Amazon

The Raw Materials of Miracles

If you are a light-worker facing an overwhelming situation, if you are afraid to admit you are suffering, if you are struggling with fear or a sense of defeat; this book offers clarity. Everything you experience is your contribution to the ever-expanding experience of God. This unending creation is a result of contrast striking the equilibrium of your life. Contrast is half of the equation of reality. The other half is you. Mythology, metaphor, science fiction, or scripture; whatever you decide, you have called this book into your experience as sure as if you created it yourself -- and in the broadest sense of God-is-everything-including-you, you did.

Paperback and Kindle versions available.

View on Amazon

The Care and Feeding of Hungry Ghosts

I invite you to first approach the term Hungry Ghosts as if it were a metaphor, a useful analogy to objectify and reframe the experience of those dark and persistent voices in your head. If you are exhausted trying to police your thoughts and clean up your act and ‘clear’ your mind, and if you are bewildered where —in a creation of non-separation and oneness—do these so-called dark entities comes from? Read on.

Paperback and Kindle versions available

View on Amazon
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Let's do something about the elephant in the room.

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Book a New Client Session ($160)
Book a Returning Client Session ($80)


Please reach out. I help people when everything else has failed.

[email protected]

You may also text (please don't call) 479-719-4473

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