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Stop supporting your addiction. Guaranteed.*

Let's get something straight. Addictions are physical chemical dependencies to things like nicotine (smoking/vaping), alcohol, recreational drugs, and even some foods. I am NOT a licensed medical practitioner, nor do any of my methods replace required medical intervention or 'rehab'. If your addiction requires medical monitoring for withdrawal, OR if you are under any kind of medical care as a result of an addiction, I can only work with you after you have cleared the substance from your system under licensed medical supervision AND I will proceed only with a written release from your physician and continued cooperation with -- and approval from-- your medical team during your coaching. This includes weight control for those with related health-threatening conditions.

You and your medical team are responsible for your health. You alone are responsible for your commitment. I serve as a guide who shows you how to maintain the integrity of your decisions while you re-train your behaviors to match your intention.

My work enlists the power of your mind to change how you think and act. My clients don't just 'resist' temptations, or 'manage' cravings, the goal is to move so far beyond them that they don't even register. 

It takes work, time, and commitment. Essentially, we are re-wiring your brain.

How long does it take? Until we are done.

I only work with pre-qualified individuals. Why? Because ending behaviors that contribute to addiction is a complex process. We contract mutual responsibility to one another. We take each step on the journey together, and besides regular sessions, I am your 'on-call 24/7 freedom coach' during your coaching and for 30 days after. Are you ready to commit? I mean, really really ready?

Change is a '3 legged stool'. My guidance is one leg. The other two are your responsibility: Repetition and Aligned Action. 

I guarantee success for my clients for a one-time fee of $3,000 only if they are able to demonstrate their commitment and willingness to fully participate and do exactly what I ask them to. Coaching may include hypnosis, mindfulness training, behavior modification, NLP, and a the purchase of a HeartMath biofeedback device for an additional $240, as well as specific repetitive 'homework' assignments that include self-hypnosis and physical activity.

We will also dig into your spiritual life, however you define it.

Some actions are easy. Some take grit. All require emotional honesty.

There are no refunds for those who give up before we are finished.

When are we finished? When you are free from the desire to return to addiction and able to take responsible action when faced with temptation or cravings.

Why is my Stop Supporting Addiction program so much more expensive than regular sessions? Because, let's face it: this is a life-saving operation. What is your life worth? How much have you already spent for the privilege of damaging your health and impacting the lives of those around you? Those who love you and whom you love?

Let me know when you are ready.

*What is the guarantee? When your tailor-made sessions are over and if you ever feel you need support again, for as long as I am in practice as a hypnotist, I will provide support at no extra charge in scheduled online sessions as long as the pre-qualifying conditions are met for medical release. 


Request your application:

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Please reach out. I help people when everything else has failed.

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You may also text (please don't call) 479-719-4473