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Take a Hero's Journey to the uncharted territory of your own subconscious mind. Maybe you've heard of bio-hacking? This is more like hacking your brain.

MindTrek takes you beyond the usual mindfulness practice to unlock your intrinsic intelligence to use your entire mind and creative genius.

 When you experience a transcendental mental state, you unlock the ability to accelerate learning, re-pattern your behaviors, and converse with inner guides and sages.

MindTrek is for individuals or groups.
Classes are scheduled upon request. 


What is MindTrek?

An online OR in-person class to transform lives in just 2 days or 7 sessions. 

Session 1, or Morning Day 1: Foundation:

Begin to chart your inner landscape. Learn how to stabilize how you visualize, dream, and think. This is quite like lucid day-dreaming, it puts you in control of waking dream-states as you begin to build a personal relationship with your subconscious mind while being consciously awake and focused.

 You will learn how to keep your mind from drifting or jumping around and stay on the mental task of exploring the mental map of your world.

 This is step one for overcoming mental blocks and limiting beliefs.


Session 2, or Midmorning: Grounding in Reality

Mindfulness -or ‘being present in reality’ has many benefits, but did you know it also physically alters your brain? It strengthens GABA fibers in the prefontal cortex of your brain and these fibers send messages to the amygdala that switch off fear.

You will learn how ‘grounding in reality’ keeps you safe even if you decide to explore the darkest recesses of your mind. (which, you will NOT be doing in this class!)


Session 3, or Late morning: Navigating the Inner Landscape

We all carry maps in our heads of the places we’ve been. Before lunch we will explore some of these maps and learn how to make them more vivid and clear. You’ll learn and discover that these maps also have a dimension that is symbolic and reveal hidden aspects of your nature.

You will learn rules for navigating this internal landscape to accomplish fun and playful goals that will teach you the skills you need to access deeper levels.


Session 4, or After lunch: World building

 You will start to develop the skill of effortlessly discovering whole new worlds inside your mind that are populated with things that you can interact with, like people, animals, or animate objects. You will learn how to encounter symbols of significance and what to do with them. This is your awakened access to your dreaming mind, and the ‘language’ of that mind is symbolic.

You will learn day-dreamers etiquette, or, how to interact with the characters in your subconscious mind in a way that builds a helpful relationship from which you can receive guidance and insight.


Session 5, or Afternoon: Exploring with Intention

By this stage you will have an increasingly rich inner world evolving. In the afternoon, you will start to build a powerful intention that bids your mind to open at your command.

There will be some surprises in store. You will encounter landscapes, characters, or situations that represent important factors and insights as you focus your intention on personal growth and emotional healing.

Some will be helpers. Some may at first seem to be obstacles, but this is where building a friendly relationship with your own subconscious shows its value: with the firm belief that your mind is not your enemy, you will learn how to negotiate the situation and create the ‘mind shift’ you need to overcome problems in ‘real life’ and even break patterns of thought and behaviors that are holding you back.


Day 2 

Session 6, or Morning: Skills Mastery

You will learn advanced techniques to use your mind as your personal arena for experimentation, rehearsal and training for the life, relationships, and skills you want to develop.

By now you will have found your power object. You will also be introduced to your Inner Healer/Therapist to remedy mental or emotional wounds. You will meet Inner Guides, Sages, and Trainers who will instruct you during mental rehearsals as you rapidly improve any skill you wish to develop. And you will meet your Inner Mentor who will show you your options and encourage you to take the best course of action.

Session 7, or Afternoon: Alternate Universes and Time Travel (sort of)

There are no limits to your mind and imagination. What if you could explore the path not taken? How about stepping into an alternate ‘you’ who is ready to share how they are succeeding at your goals or who can pass on the skills you hope to develop? The sky has limits. Your mind does not.

We will spend the afternoon exploring the tip of the iceberg. By the time you leave you’ll know how to extend your practice in any direction you choose to clarify your purpose, accomplish your goals, and live your best life by using your entire mind and the intrinsic intelligence of your creative genius.


About your instructor, Dana Reynolds:

Dana developed the MindTrek Method as a synthesis from her training in Shamanic Journeys, from courses from the Hypnosis Training Academy, personal research, and practice as a hypnotist and trainer for the National Guild of Hypnotists.

When she is not teaching her MindTrek Method, she serves others as a Life Coach, Grief Counselor, and Hypnotist, leading others to the answers they seek so they may awaken from the trance of disempowered thinking.

She sees clients online and in person by appointment at the Oracle & Sage in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. More information at https://imholding.space


Note, Dana Reynolds is not medically licensed. The information or services offered are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


*Who should not attend:

You will NOT be permitted to attend IF you are seeing a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist (or taking medication) for ANY psychological condition – UNLESS you present a written permission letter from your health care provider that states you have a clear grasp on the difference between fantasy and reality and have the mental stability to experience a wide range of mental phenomena and emotions without disturbance to your usual psychological state.

You will NOT be permitted to attend if you are mentally fragile or emotionally unstable.

You will NOT be permitted to attend if you are under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol.

You will NOT be permitted to attend unless you sign an agreement (on the morning of the first day of the training) to acknowledge your conditions of attendance - thus taking full responsibility for your suitability to participate in the training and exercises.

The instructor reserves the right to remove anyone from the class for any reason and will furnish their full refund.

MindTrek Classes are scheduled upon request. Group rates depend upon group size.



Please reach out. I help people when everything else has failed.

[email protected]

You may also text (please don't call) 479-719-4473